Concentration and memory information

Concentration and memory are the most important brain faculties which we possess. You can do nothing without concentration and a good memory. The memory makes us who we are and gives us identity!

What is concentration?

Concentration is a faculty of the brain to concentrate on a specific task. Without this ability very large quantities of information would come to use, more than we can consciously process, with the result that overstimulation occurs. Like memory, concentration is also a very complex function of the brain. Without a good concentration we would not be able to lead a normal life. Concentration acts as a filter that can arrange very precisely, which information we become aware of!

The power of concentration consists of a series of brain functions such as: the short-term memory, sensory memory and the frontal lobes in the forehead. In people with ADD or ADHD, concentrating is much harder.

Keeping a good concentration!

A good concentration depends on a good and varied diet. However nowadays not all the necessary nutrients are eaten on a daily basis. This phenomenon is often seen in children that eat bad food often. These kids are often very busy, because of bad concentration! A nutritional supplement can provide the body with important nutrients such as vitamin B12 that is good for concentration.

What is memory?

Our memory makes us who we are. Without memory we might still be aware, but we would not be able to recognize the things we see and hear! Memory is an important part of our lives,  which we cannot live without. There is short term memory and long-term memory. In addition there is working memory, that can be used to process the information or to adjust information (like math). Vitamin B12 is an important substance and is good for memory.