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In this article we describe some important aspects of buying supplements, that can help you make better decisions when buying supplements. With this information we hope that our customers can make better product choices and even save money.

Personal experience

Before we are going to tell you about certain important aspects of supplements, we will talk about personal experience!

One of the most important weapon you have in your arsenal is a customer, is personal experience. Especially in the area of nutritional supplements, personal experience with products is paramount, because no person is the same and no product works the same for everybody. Personal experience is the knowledge you have about the personal workings of a product.

Our advice: always apply your personal experience when buying supplements!

What to look for (our advice)

Here a summation of our advices.

1) Stay with important the same brand: producers of supplements often have a certain vision for their products. This is important because important aspects of this vision is often quality and origin of ingredients. So if you have good experiences with certain kind of brand and you are content with the quality and the price of the products, then stick with this brand when buying other new products. In most cases you will get disappointed when you try the products of the same brand. This is not a guarantee but it is statistically sound.

2) Not only pay attention to price
We of course understand that price is very important aspects of the products and important in the decision-making. An often occurring phenomenon, one we have often witnessed, is a direct connection between price and quality. A good example are synthetic supplements, which are very cheap (from supermarkets) but often not very effective. Our advice is to buy supplements from the middle segment, some of the cheapest and not the most expensive.

Do a little research yourself of the price/quality of a brand you know.

3) By large packages
Most people will know that large packages are almost always cheaper in comparison to small packages, this is especially true for nutritional supplements. you can easily save up to 25% when buying large packages.

Our advice is to buy large packages but only in case you are familiar with the product. When you buy a product for the first time it’s always advisable to buy the smallest package and to first asses the workings of the product for you.

4) Synthetic products
You probably have heard of synthetic supplements, these are supplements with fabricated nutrients, not natural! Nutrients made in factories are cheap and are made to imitate the workings of natural nutrients.

Synthetic supplements only have one advantage: they are cheap!

The problem with these synthetic supplements is often the lack of efficiency, because the synthetic nutrients are not recognised by the body. This is often caused by a difference in chemical structure. This is why synthetic supplements are often less efficient and therefore less cheap then you expect, because you pay money for something that often does not work.

5) Simplex and complex
Meaning of the words simplex and complex are as follows: Simplex means that the product only contains one kind or nutrient, like vitamin C. A complex contains multiple kinds of nutrients, like a multi vitamin

In a lot of cases a vitamin is cheaper then buying a series of different products (simplex). The dosages of the individual nutrients in a complex is often a lot lower than the dosage in a simplex. Also you cannot change the ratio of the nutrients in multi, which can be done if you buy multiple single (simplex) products.

Our advice: buy a multi and probably save some money. In case you are using very specific dosage of nutrients or you are very sensitive to certain nutrients, then buy simplexes.

6) Trends/offers
We have included trends and offers to our list because people are often persuaded of buying products they do not really need!

Our advice: do not be persuaded too easily.

7) Advertisement
Buying products of advertisements are not always the best choice! The media budget of products has nothing to do with the quality of the product.


1) Expensive products
Buying most of expensive products is often not necessary, because you pay for the brand and product is often only marginally better, there are exceptions! Like probiotics, where the expensive ones are sometimes a lot better than the other products.

2) Cheap products
Cheap products often are of less quality, by a big margin when compared to middle segment products. Like synthetic products and products with inactive nutrients.

Example: if you find a product that is significantly cheaper then other products in the same category, then you should be cautious! Actually it is quite logical, supplements contain nutrients in the nutrients have a certain base price, so if a product is a lot cheaper, then it probably doesn’t contain the same nutrients. Often less active nutrients were nutrients that are cheaper to produce and are less effective in the body are included in these cheaper products.

3) More is better
Products often have a recommended daily dosage, many people think that taking more than this recommended dosage results in better results, but this is a misconception. The body is only able to absorb a limited amount of nutrients per time. So if you take more than you should the just get rid of the excess product. Overdosing can also result in negative and unwanted side effects and you pay more for the same effect.

There are exceptions when dosages are exceeded, but only a case of advice from a medical professional.

By smarter and save money

Our opinion is that if you use our advice in the information on this page and combine this with your own experience in relation to supplements that you will be able to make smarter product choices and even save some money when buying supplements. .

Personal experience + our advice = better purchases, less disappointment and the possibility to save money!

Closing words

We hope you find the information in this article useful and that you see results from it when applying it when buying supplements.

In case you do need some help, you can always contact us by chat, email, phone.

Think you for your time and attention.

The Supplements Europe team.

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