Buckwheat pancake recipe

Pancakes are still very popular with many people, but unfortunately not always as healthy as we would like. And what if you are suffering from celiac disease and gluten are off limits? Then VoedingssupplementenNederland's has for you the solution, that is not only very nutritious, healthy and gluten free: buckwheat pancakes!

Buckwheat pancakes recipe ingredients

You can very easily and quickly make delicious buckwheat pancakes with this recipe. You will need the following ingredients. Ingredients for buckwheat pancakes:

  • - 3 eggs
  • - 250 gram buckwheat flour (verkrijgbaar in onze webwinkel)
  • - 1 half litre of (soja) milk
  • - baking butter
  • - Possible currants, mullberries, cranberries (all available in our online store), add banana or Apple to liking.

  1. Mix the eggs and milk together
  2. Add to this the buckwheat flour and mix the whole to a smooth batter
  3. Heat the frying pan and melt the butter
  4. Scoop with a ladle the batter into the pan and frt (thin) buckwheat pancakes, both sides golden brown

Tip! Serve the buckwheat pancakes with a tasty topping such as blueberries, banana, honey or savory with avocado and salmon. Make all the different combinations you like!

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