Bonusan Muscle Balm 100ml

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Bonusan Muscle Balm 100ml


per 100 grams
Turpentine 6.5 g
Eucalyptus globulus 0.5 g
Auxiliary Substances
aqua, caprylic capric triglyceride, glycerylstearate/SE, cetyl palmi Tate, Cetyl Alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium cetearyl sulfate, methylisothiazolinone, penh ethyl alcohol, PPG-2-methyl ether.

Muscle Balm contains among other turpentine and eucalyptus. Two components that an important and positive influence on the blood circulation in the skin (locally made) and on the underlying muscles and joints. Turpentine comes from the resins of a number of Pinus species (under other coarse den). The ethereal oliën of the Pinus species are also extracted from the needles and branches. The ethereal oliën contain a number of terpenes, especially the monoterpenes pineen and limonene. It is these terpenes which provide increased blood circulation of the skin and thereby strengthen the recovery of power. By warming properties and the good effect on the blood circulation be residual products removed more quickly, making it very caring for muscles and joints.
The ethereal oliën of Eucalyptus globulus are extracted from the sheet and also contain a high content of monoterpenes (under other cineol and the pineen and limonene). On the skin serves mainly the metabolism of the cells and strengthens the local perfusion.

Muscle Balm is perfectly suited for the supply of the muscles and joints. By an improved blood circulation ensures the supple. It can be used as a warm up to reduce the risk of injuries to reduce training/sports, helps restore of injuries and tired and stiff muscles after training, in the morning or by cold.

to treat the spots coat several times a day. For external use only.

influence on medicines and health products is possible. Refer to an expert.
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Bonusan Muscle Balm 100ml

Bonusan Muscle Balm 100ml

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