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Bonusan Atrimusan 30ml

Reduced price! Bonusan Atrimusan 30ml

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Bonusan Atrimusan 30ml

Bonusan Atrimusan is a comprehensive herbal preparation of known herbal extracts. It is a liquid product with an excellent absorption The natural herbs are rich in good nutrients. The product is easy to take and can be used on a daily basis.

Bonusan Atrimusan is a high-quality preparation with natural herbal extracts. The extracts have a basis of alcohol. A few known herbs which are added are: Ribus nigrum, Aarhus toxicodendron, Solidago virgaurea and Taraxacum officinal. Advantage of a compound complex is that the herbs work complementary to each other and the ratio's are pre-determined.


The dosage is in drops. The dosage is listening very closely and consists of 2 periods. The first period the load phase, and it ends until the symptoms improve. Then follows the 2eperiod and you must observe the advised dosage. Adults and children older than 12 years: take 3 times per day 20 to 30 drops every hour or 10 drops. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or are breast-feeding. It is recommended to adhere to the recommended dosage. Overdose can cause unwanted symptoms like gastrointestinal complaints or skin irritations.

ingredients per 100 ml:

  • Aarhus toxicodendron (1:103) 30 ml
  • Urtica urens 10 ml
  • Taraxacum officinale 20 ml
  • -Solidago virgaurea 10 ml
  • -Ribes nigrum (1:101) 10 ml
  • -Pinus Montana (1:101) 10 ml
  • Ampelopsis weitchii (1:101) 10 ml
  • -Alcoholic Strength 47% (v/v)


  • -The product in question is a food supplement and this is purely as a supplement to the daily diet. It is not an alternative to the nutrients which you receive through your power supply. It may well be in addition to the ordinary diet, more nutrients.
  • -A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.
  • Always keep out of reach of young children
  • -drying, closed and keep at room temperature, unless otherwise advised on the label.
  • -Consult an expert before using supplements in case of pregnancy and lactation, drug use and disease.

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Bonusan Atrimusan 30ml

Bonusan Atrimusan 30ml

Bonusan Atrimusan is a high quality hebal tincture on an alcohol basis. It contains a series of well known natural herb extracts like Ribes nigrum, Solidago en urtica urens. In total 7 natural herbs, rich in good nutrients. This product is in liquid form for optimal absorbance into the body.