Bonusan Arnica jelly 100ml

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Bonusan Arnica jelly 100ml

Bonusan Arnica Jelly contains natural extracts of Arnica montana. It has been used for centuries due to the active contents like flavonglycosides substances and terpenes. The substances improve local circulation of the blood and ensures that waste products are removed more quickly, which improves the healing power of the skin. Very suitable for the treatment of sports injuries after a bump or falling.

Bonusan Arnica jelly has a relaxing and warming effect on muscles and joints. Bonusan uses only the finest quality Arnica, what makes for an effective product! Excellent as first aid for at home. This jelly is only suitable for external use.

Treat the place several times a day with jelly. For external use only.

per 100 grams
Arnica montana e floribus 10 g
Auxiliary Substances
aqua, ceteareth-30, triethanolamine, oleum Pinus, Carbomer, methylisothiazolinone, penh ethyl alcohol, PPG-2-methyl ether.
Do not use in a sensitivity for Arnica montana. This is identified by redness of the skin, itching and/or removal. In a single case can contact dermatitis.

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Bonusan Arnica jelly 100ml

Bonusan Arnica jelly 100ml

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