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Bloem has been making supplements for over a 100 years! It is a Dutch company and was founded in 1912. Bloem has grown considerably as a company and has a large assortment. We sell all Bloem products standard with discount, so you never pay retail prices. Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. Also fast delivery in EU and international!

Why buy Bloem products?

Bloem makes high quality products and is one of the oldest players in this market and has a lot of knowledge about supplements. They have many products for specific uses.

Product questions
Questions: I am looking for an omega 3 product from Bloem, any advice?
Answer: Bloem has multiple omega 3 products and combined product with omega 3 6 and 9.
Questions: I am looking for a product with vitamine C en magnesium.
Answer: Bloem has a product called Magneplex. With two forms of magnesium and vitamin C.
Questions: I am looking for Menolife?
Answer: Yes, as mentioned we sell all Bloem products, so also Menolife!
Questions: Can i buy the same products from Bloem in your webshop, which i normally buy at my druggist?
Answer: Yes we have the same products and probably for lower prices than your druggist sells them.
Questions: When do i receive my products when i buy them now?
Answer: If you buy before 20:30 local time, we have a next day delivery in Holland and Belgium and 1-4 days in Europe!
Questions: Can you help me with personal advice?
Answer: Yes, sure you can call, email of chat with us and we can advice you!.

Go to all Bloem products!