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Buy Biover with discount in our webshop. Products are easy to find and to order. Profit from fast international delivery and next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. Biover makes use, during development of their products, of the ' force of nature '. That offers us everything we need to stay healthy. The ingredients used are 100% of natural origin. This also means that these ingredients are active and easily absorbed by the body!

History of Biover
Biover specializes in natural health products this includes vitamin and mineral complexes, plant extracts, essential oils, bath and massage oils. It is a Belgian company founded in 1985 and later also has become active in The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, England, France and Germany. The company has a constant growth in their product range not only in own brand products, but also in distributing brands, is becoming a large business venture. The products are sold via natural food stores and wholesalers.

Science and quality
The specialist team at the Department of Research and Development by Biover works closely with, among others, University laboratories and specialists such as pharmacists, chemists and dermatologists. As a result, they get information in order to improve products according to the latest scientific insights. Biover products are safe, responsible and effective, which has been proven by scientific studies.
  • - Meet the RDA.
  • - Attention for environment and sustainability.
  • - Attention to product composition and quality assurance.
  • - High dose products.
  • - No synthetic additions.
Biover and Bio tag
Most products carry a certified as organic tag. That's because the ingredients are selected and harvested with respect for nature and are selected with care and come from controlled organic cultivation. The authorized and certified growers are traceable.

Product questions
Question: Biover throat pastilles, do these also contains zinc and vitamin C?
Answer: the throat pastilles contain additional vitamin C and zinc.
Question: I suffer from hay fever, would the product Pollen Comfort of Biover be suitable for me?
Answer: ‘Pollen comfort’ of Biover is developed to give relieve to symptoms from factors such as pollen, grass and dust.
Question: Does the product ‘Coenzyme Q10’ only contains Q10?
Answer: Coenzyme Q10 of Biover is a composite product that besides the co enzyme also contains: vitamin E, and vitamin B12. This product contains naturally fermented Q10, so the body recognizes the q10, which makes it easier to absorb.
Question: I read on your site that you are an experienced herbalist. Is that so?
Answer: We have a chemist in service that can answer questions for you, but we can also offer advice on nutritional supplements and self-help remedies. For contact details see our contact page.
Answer: Will I get discount if I order multiple products in your webshop?
Answer: by default, you get a standard discount on any product you buy regardless of the quantity. If you really need large amounts of food supplements regularly, then you can contact us and we can talk about additional discount.

go to all biover products!