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All Bional products with discount! Never pay retail in our webshop! Buy here and profit from fast international shipping. Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium! There is only one way to feel fit and to be able to continue to function in everyday life. This as by taking good care of yourself, retaining sufficient physical and mental energy is very important. Bional products, offer you the possibility in a simple and accessible way for your self. For more than 30 years Bional is known for its balanced natural products with excellent value for money.

The 2 product lines of Bional
The products of Bional are high-quality health products and have as a hallmark ‘to develop products from natural ingredients’. You can use the Bional products for different applications. The health line products consists of vitamins, minerals and compound formulas. In addition to this line, Bional also offers a line of medical devices.

Bional Medical
The products of Bional Medical are medical devices of Bional. These products are scientifically proven on their operation and are of natural origin. The products of Bional are available at pharmacies, drug stores and health food stores.

Omega Pharma Groep
Bional is part of the Omega Pharma Netherlands b.v and has brands such as: Davitamon, Biodermal, Bional, Predictor, Tumtum, Prevalin, Dermalex and XL-S medical. In 1987 the Omega Pharma group was founded, and the Dutch part of Omega Pharma b. V., is part of this large group. IT has become a multinational group that is active in about 35 countries. Their goal is to make prescription health and personal care products, medical devices and self-care products.

Product questions
Question: I am looking for a pure fish oil? Does Bional sells these to?
Answer: Bional has in its product range fish oil omega 3 odorless.
Question: How can I best take ‘silhouette’ of Bional?
Answer: Best to take 2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening of Silhouet. Bij voorkeur voor of direct na een maaltijd.
Question: I'm a vegetarian, can I still use the product ‘vital’ of Bional?
Antwoord: The product Vital of Bional is suitable for use by vegetarians since this product a plant based.
Question: I would like to know if the product ‘Nervovit’ of Bional can also can be used for my 10 year old child?
Antwoord: Alvorens Nervovit
Question: If I order something with you, do I always pay shipping costs?
Answer: No, not always. If you take a look at the following page, you see all shipping costs:
Question: which payment methods can i use?
Answer: In our webshop you can choose multiple secure payment methods. We use iDeal, Paypal, manual bank transfer using your own bank, Credit Card, Sofort banking and Mister Cash.

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