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A. Vogel is in the Netherlands and Belgium the leading brand of natural food supplements. The brand was founded by Alfred Vogel, with the aim of providing natural products. A. Vogel is a well known brand and you will find their products at the better drugstore or pharmacy.
A. Vogel only uses natural ingredients in their products, fresh harvested from nature. We make use of these ingredients to make tinctures, tablets, capsules and creams. All the experiences Mr Vogel has gathered is his live are applied in the production and manufacture of the products.
Why buy A. Vogel?
In order to guarantee the quality, we keep an eye on the entire process from raw material to end product. We have large gardens where our ingredients are groing and harvested. And as soon as possible after the harvest the ingredients are processed into the end products. In addition we have strict quality demands on our products, allowing us to guarantee constant quality and purity. Our goal is to get people to a healthy way and to stay healthy.
A. Bird is very well known for its role in homeopathy. She is one of the first companies to provide commercial homeopathic products.. By its many years of experience, A. Vogel has much expertise and monitors all aspects of its manufacturing proces.
Alfred Vogel, founder of the company, has acquired knowledge of the Sioux Indians in North America, during the second half of the twentieth century. Ideas and insights gained on the basis of old knowledge of the indians.
Product questions:
Question: Does A. Vogel sell homeopathy products?
Answer: Yes, the brand has a large assortment of homeopathic products.
Question: Are the products of A. Vogel with natural ingredients?
Answer: The company pays a lot of attention to the quality of its products. There is many quality testing and a lot of money is invested in research to arrive at new insights. These insights are then translated into better products and methods.
Question: Why choose for A. Vogel?
Answer: A. Vogel has an extensive range, it provides only natural food supplements. In addition it is a Dutch brand with very high standards of Quality.
Question: Does A. Vogel has products for the resistance of my kids?
Answer: A. Vogel has 2 types of echinaforce specially for children. Known as the "Echinaforce junior" and "Echinaforce junior & C" (with additional vitamin C).
Question: Why buy my products in your webshop?
Answer: We have a large assortiment, fast shipping, Good packaging and affordable prices, never pay retail prices!
Question: When do i receive my products if i order them today?
Answer: All orders for Holland and Belgium when ordered before 20:30, are delivered the next day!

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