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Reep choco brownieReep choco decadenceDay break crunchy cereal


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We sell all Atkins products with discount and you can profit from our fast international shipping. Next day delivery if you buy and live in Holland or Belgium! A healthy lifestyle promotes our health. This includes, of course, a healthy diet. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are the 3 most important nutrients for our body. The body needs these nutrients for energy. Not only the right nutrients are important, but also the right amount are essential for our health. For energy we need carbohydrates and fats, the main fuel for our body. Energie contents are called ‘calories’. Finding the balance is sometimes quite tricky and that is why Atkins developed: low-carbohydrate products with measured amount of nutrients.

The basics of Atkins
The basics of Atkins diet is weight control by restricting the intake of carbohydrates, fats and calories to a minimum. The Atkins diet is not really a diet. It is a new approach to healthy eating and is meant for people who want to customize their lifestyle. Customizing your eating habit allows for better health. You feel energetic and fit.

Eating patterns and Atkins
Only eating products from Atkins is not enough, you have to learn to eat healthy and have a healthy eating pattern that matches your lifestyle. For most people it takes just too much time to prepare a varied healthy diet. That's why there are products of Atkins with a high nutritional value that keep your weight under control. There are bars, shakes and muesli that are responsible choices and fill your stomach. The pasta you can substitute for the regular fits, it contains less carbohydrates. Because you have less carbohydrates, fats and calories inside your body begin to burn fat. Protein prevents the feeling of hunger.
In the 1970s, cardiologist Dr. Robert Atkins has written various articles and surveys about low-carbohydrate diet. In his work he came across many overweight people and realized that healthy food with less carbohydrates, worked for his patients. They lost weight and certain health problems disappeared. That is why Dr r. Atkins developed a new approach to healthy eating in 1972 with his custom products.

Scientifically proven
The Atkins products are based on scientific research. In addition, they are supported by medical experts. They have a private Scientific Advisory Board. This board consist of experts in the field of nutrition, metabolism and psychology.

Product questions
Question: how many protein I actually need per day?
Answer: an adult needs about 200 to 300 grams of protein per day. The body can supplement this with protein or selected from amino acids.
Question: can my child use products of Atkins? If so, where should I pay attention?
Answer: Atkins makes products that are low in carbohydrates. You can use these products for your children, only it is important with children, that supervision takes place. Since it is very important that a child gets enough nutrients.
Question: how many proteins contains the Strip Advantage chocolate Brownie?
Answer: the delicious Atkins bars contain an average of 15 grams of protein.
Question: If you are pregnant is it wise to follow Atkins diet?
Answer: you can follow Atkins during your pregnancy, but this is more with the thought of healthy eating and living. Weight reduction during pregnancy, however, is not recommended.
Question: The products of Atkins can be eat whenever you want?
Answer: the Atkins diet has several phases and guidelines. These can be found on their website. However if you just want to eat less carbohydrates, it is enough to eat the products.
Question: what is really the difference of regular pasta and the Atkins Cuisine pasta penne of Atkins?
Answer: Normal penne is like paste made of cereals with lots of carbohydrates in it. Penne of Atkins contains less carbs and still tastes delicious. So you don't have to exclude dishes to still be able to participate in this diet.
Question: I am looking for a protein shake, Atkins has that for me too?
Answer: Atkins has some protein shakes in its range. These shakes are very tasty and can be a very pleasant with a meal or snack.
Answer: Normal penne is like pasta made of cereals, with lots of carbohydrates in it. Penne of Atkins contains less carbs and still tastes delicious. So you do not have to exclude dishes to still be able to participate in this diet.
Question: what products you have in the range of Atkins?
Answer: we sell all products that Atkins sells in The Netherlands. You can buy all Atkins products in our webshop.

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