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We sell all Amiset products in our online webshop! All products with standard discounts. It is easy to find and order your products. We have next day delivery if you live in Holland or Belgium. Amset makes here product with the idea that they are for their own use. With satisfaction, the products if necessary, offered through retailers. Through personal contact with customers and scientific research to backup their high quality food supplements! A number of products are natural and the majority is based on natural ingredients (herbs).

Tablets according to GMP rules for tableted food supplements. Powder products fall under the GMP and BRC-guidelines for functional food. Package insert and health claims on labels are according to the latest scientific insights. Claims for vitamins and minerals and other substances are approved by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and also scientifically proven by EU/EN supervisors.

Product questions
Question: Why are the products of Amiset good?
Answer: the products that Amiset produces, are initially not for sale, but are internally held and qualified on workings, purity and quality. Only the products that are good enough, are being offered for sale on the nutritional supplements market. Hence all the products of high quality! In addition, amiset is a major player in the sports world and this world is known for its very critical users (avid sports enthusiasts and professional athletes).
Question: can I use Amiset products for a diet?
Answer: Amiset products have a specific goal, the goals behind Amiset products are in line with different diets. Depending on the type of diet you can use an appropriate product of Amiset.
Question: can I buy all Amiset products here?
Answer: Yes! We sell all the products Amiset sells on the Dutch market. Important to know is that we also can give free advice about Amiset products and combinations of products!
Question: why should I buy my AMISET products here?
Answer: because we can supply the full range of AMISET quickly, at low prices. In addition, you can quick order with our simple 3 step order process.
Question: what is the delivery time to you as I Amiset in you order products?
Answer: If you Amiset or supplements of our other 140 brands, then you ordered this in 1-2 business days!
Question: How can I reach you with questions about products of Amiset?
Answer: If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone or email. Email is usually answered within 24 hours. Questions about products or combinations of products or second opinions are all welcome!

go to all amiset products!