The basics of amino acids

General information for people interested in amino acids. It is often convenient and wise to know what you take, and why? You can never have enough knowledge!

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are the building materials of the body. Most of the tissues in our body are made up of amino acids. Think of muscles, bones and tendons. Amino acids are substances that are found naturally in the body. However the body has 2 sources of amino acids. This allows the body to produce some amino acids from other amino acids. In addition the body is also depended on amino acids from the intake of food. A varied diet contains enough amino acids, however it may be poor dietary habits or other circumstances, when shortages can occur in the body. Food supplements can complement these possible shortages. Amino acids are often supplemented by athletes.

Kinds of amino acids

There are many different amino acids with each their own chemical composition. There are 20 types of amino acids, which together are essential for many processes within the body. After water, our body for the most part is made up of amino acids. Proteins are actually structures of amino acids. The before mentioned 20 types of amino acids are all the amino acids that are part of human protein. But some amino acids are essential and some are non-essential.